About Us


Insanity Strains is a top shelf exotic marijuana brand. Generational secrets passed down, combined with years of personal experience have come together in a perfect union to create and nurture the best natural flower on the market. Our unique and innovative natural growing style as well as our exclusive master crafted strains have led us to a truly insane product line. Insanity Strains has intense passion to be the best on the market, which has set a platform that far exceeds the current market standards in safety and quality in the recreational marijuana market. Our seasoned cultivators pride themselves on the taste, smell and cleanliness of our products. We guarantee our quality by creating a model environment, having clean practices, extensive flushing phase and an impeccable drying and curing method. All of our in house crafted strains come with full spectrum labs including; full cannabinoid analysis, mold spore and yeast count, pesticides (even though we have a strict policy against using any chemical pesticides, we still choose to prove it on a regular basis), and a full terpene profile. As we recognize the different needs of every patient, we offer a range of potency and terpenes with our variety of strains. Our company is 100% compliant with all current medical and commercial laws governing the ever-changing and growing industry.  Others know how to fertilize, we know how to grow!